Video 23 Feb 2 notes

Hilary Parkin - Salt Wind

Boy can these folks sing.  Head over to bandcamp and pre-order their album due to be released on May 15th.


Folks— this will be our last post on tumblr.  We would love for you to join us over at our new place  You can find more of Hilary at our new place.  We think you will like our new digs. Feel free to stop in anytime.

Video 1 Jan 2 notes

The Weather Station - Easy.

Saunter over to their Bandcamp site to purchase.

Video 30 Dec 1 note

A Lull - Some Love

Visiting Portland on January 19 at Mississippi Studios. Show them some love.


Bandcamp - Go now.

Video 17 Dec 4 notes

Handsome and Gretyl - Darling

This is like happiness and a bunch of red balloons.  Love these two.


Video 17 Dec 3 notes

Bachelorette - Blankets

Just. Wow.

Video 17 Dec

Rainbow Chan - Star Picking

Oh, this is full of pixie dust and loveliness.  Simple and sparkly.

Video 16 Dec 1 note

Andrew Simple - I Got Your Back

Ahh, this is nice and simple and right on. 

Video 14 Dec 2 notes

Radials - Rooftops

Video 12 Dec 3 notes

The Oh Hellos - Hello My Old Heart

Very nice.

Video 5 Dec

In One Wind - What Seems to Be.

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